Improvement of the fisheries management of the Vistonis Lagoon using environmental telemetry systems and the design of structural interventions. The objectives of the project are: (1) Study and description of the state of Porto-Lagos and Vistonis lake complex regarding: (a) environmental and water quality (b) fisheries (c) geographical characteristics (d) hydrological balance (e) social and economic state and influences (f) sales and marketing.
The above information will be combined to synthesize and integrated management plan to be applied in Porto-Lagos lagoon by the coordinator of the project which is the local fishermen association and will be transferable in other lagoon cases in Greece. (2) Installation and operation of a telemetry system for the real-time monitoring of basic water and air quality parameters within the lagoon complex composed of 2 compact data-buys. (3) Elaboration of training materials for the fishermen regarding the management of lagoons and the use of telemetry systems.