Ioannis Karaouzas

Ioannis Karaouzas

Senior Researcher

Tel: +30-22910-76439
Fax: +30-22910-76419
Skypename: Yannis.Karaouzas

Short CV

  • BSc in Biology, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton, United Kingdom (1997-2001)
  • MSc in Environmental Pollution Sciences, Environmental Research Centre, Brunel University, United Kingdom (2001-2002)
  • PhD in the Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Greece (2007-2011)

Dr. Ioannis Karaouzas is a Freshwater Biologist and Environmental scientist. His research interests mainly focus on the ecology, biodiversity and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. He is working on the effects of anthropogenic disturbances and climate change on benthic invertebrates, at species, population and community level, as well as, on the ecological status of river ecosystems.

He is also specialized on the ecology and taxonomy of aquatic invertebrates with main specialization on caddisflies (Trichoptera).From 2002, he has been a research associate in the Institute of Inland Waters (since 2012 Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters). He completed his research doctorate in Ecotoxicology and Freshwater Pollution at the University of Ioannina (Greece), where he studied the impacts of agro-industrial wastewaters on stream ecosystems at different levels of biological organization.

He graduated from the University of Brighton (UK), where he studied Biology and received his Master’s degree in Environmental Pollution Sciences from Brunel University (UK). He has participated in 9 international and 12 national research projects, related to basic and applied ecology of river ecosystems, ecological status monitoring and assessment and integrated river basin management.

As for research, his H index (01/11/2018) is 10 according to the “Web of Science” of the ISI-Web and 11 according to “Google scholar”. He has published 84 scientific publications in peer review journals and 53 publications in national and international conference proceedings on the field of freshwater pollution, conservation and management, chemical pollutants, ecotoxicology, zoology and animal taxonomy.

He is a co-editor of the book “Rivers of Greece: Evolution, Current Status and Perspectives (Springer)” and author of 3 book chapters. He has collaboration with numerous respective scientists from Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary, etc.

Indicative Publications

  • Karaouzas I., Leris I., Kapakos Y., Kalaitzakis N., Fytilis K., Kouraklis P., Kalogianni E. 2022. In search of the unexpected: A new finding of the noble crayfish Astacus astacus, (Decapoda, Astacidae) redefines its distribution in Greece. Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 423, 1,
  • Masouras A., Karaouzas I., Dimitriou E., Tsirtsis G., Smeti E. 2021. Benthic Diatoms in River Biomonitoring – Present and Future Perspectives within the Water Framework Directive. Water, 13, 478.
  • Davranoglou L.R. & Karaouzas I. Further distributional records of Lethocerus patruelis (Stål, 1854) (Heteroptera: Belostomatidae) in Greece. Ecologica Montenegrina 41: 56-61.
  • Karaouzas I., Davranoglou L.R, Kempton J. 2021. First record of the genus and species Oligotricha striata Linnaeus, 1758 (Trichoptera: Phryganeidae) in Greece. Zootaxa, 4995(1), 198–200.
  • Karaouzas I., Kapetanaki N., Mentzafou A., Kanellopoulos T.D., Skoulikidis N. 2021. Heavy Metal Contamination Status in Greek Surface Waters; a review with application and evaluation of pollution indices. Chemosphere 263, 128192
  • Theodoropoulos C., Karaouzas I., Stubbington R. 2021. Biotic indices of hydrological variability as tools to inform dynamic ecological status assessments in river ecosystems. Journal of Environmental Management 295, 113124,
  • Skoulikidis N.T., Karaouzas I., Amaxidis Y. and Lazaridou M. 2021. Impact of EU Environmental Policy Implementation on the Quality and Status of Greek Rivers. Water 13, 1858.
  • Theodoropoulos, C., Karaouzas, I. Climate change and the future of Mediterranean freshwater macroinvertebrates: a model-based assessment. Hydrobiologia, 848, 5033–5050.
  • Theodoropoulos C, Karaouzas I., Stamou A. 2021. Environmental Flows as a Proactive Tool to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Warming on Freshwater Macroinvertebrates. Water, 13(18), 2586.
  • Stubbington R., Sarremejane R., Laini A., Cid N., Csabai Z., England J., Munné A., Aspin T., Bonada N, Bruno D., Cauvy-Fraunie S., Chadd R., Fortuño Estrada P., Graf W., Cayetano Gutiérrez Cánovas, House A., Karaouzas I., Kazila E., Millán A., et al. 2021. Disentangling responses to natural stress and human impact gradients in river ecosystems across Europe. Journal of Applied Ecology,
  • Karaouzas I., Zogaris S., Froufe E., Lopes-Lima M. 2020. Rival at the gate: First record of the Asian clam Corbicula fluminea Müller, 1774 (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae) in Greece. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 421, 24.
  • Karaouzas I., Smeti E., Kalogianni E., Skoulikidis N.Th. (2019). Ecological status monitoring and assessment in Greek rivers: Do macroinvertebrate and diatom indices indicate same responses to anthropogenic pressures? Ecological Indicators 101: 126–132,
  • Karaouzas I., Theodoropoulos C., Vourka A., Gritzalis K., & Skoulikidis N. (2019). Stream invertebrate communities are primarily shaped by hydrological factors and ultimately fine-tuned by local habitat conditions. Science of the Total Environment 665, 290–299.
  • Kumar V., Parihar R.D., Sharma A., Bakshi P., Sidhu G.P.S, Bali A.S., Karaouzas I., Bhardwaj R., Thukral A.K., Gyasi-Agyei Y., Comino J.R. (2019). Global evaluation of heavy metal content in surface water bodies: a meta-analysis using heavy metal pollution indices and multivariate statistical analyses. Chemosphere, 236, 124364,
  • Hupało K., Karaouzas I., Mamos T., Grabowski M. 2020. Molecular data suggest multiple origins and diversification times of freshwater gammarids on the Aegean Archipelago. Nature Scientific Reports 10:19813,
  • Dambri B., Karouzas I., Samraoui B., Samraoui F. 2020. Contribution to the knowledge of the caddisfly fauna of Algeria – An updated checklist of Algerian Trichoptera with new records from the Aures region. Zootaxa 4786, (2) 221–232.
  • Karaouzas I., Smeti E., Vourka A., Vardakas L., Mentzafou A., Tornés  E., Sabater S., Munoz I., Skoulikidis N.Th, Kalogianni E. (2018). Assessing the ecological effects of water stress and pollution in a temporary river – implications for water management. Science of the Total Environment 618, 1591–1604.
  • Karaouzas I. (2018). The larvae of three Greek species of Hydropsyche (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) and key for larvae of known Aegean Hydropsyche species. Zootaxa 4382 (2): 381–392.
  • Karaouzas I, Theodoropoulos C, Vardakas L, Kalogianni E,  Skoulikidis N. (2018). A review of the effects of pollution and water scarcity on the stream biota of an intermittent Mediterranean basin.  River research & Applications 34:291–299.
  • Lazaridou M, Ntislidou C, Karaouzas I, Skoulikidis N. (2018). Harmonisation of a new assessment method for estimating the ecological quality status of Greek running waters. Ecological Indicators, 84, 683–694.
  • Karaouzas I. & Waringer J. (2017) The larva of Schizopelex huettingeri Malicky 1974 (Trichoptera: Sericostomatidae), including a preliminary key to the Sericostomatidae larvae of the Hellenic western Balkan region. Zootaxa 4311 (2): 271–279.
  • Karaouzas I. (2016) The larva of Wormaldia asterusia Malicky 1972 (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae) with notes on its ecology and an update on the Wormaldia of Greece with a larval key for species of the genus. Zootaxa, 4200 (3): 389–394
  • Karaouzas, I. (2016). The larvae of Hydropsyche rhadamanthys Malicky 2001 and Hydropsyche sarpedon Malicky 2001 (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), endemics of Crete (South Aegean, Greece), with notes on their ecology. Zootaxa, 4097(4), 557-566.
  • Karaouzas, I., Andriopoulou, A., Kouvarda, T., & Murányi, D. (2016). An annotated checklist of the Greek Stonefly Fauna (Insecta: Plecoptera). Zootaxa, 4111(4), 301-333. DOI:
  • Froufe, E., Prié, V., Faria, J., Ghamizi, M., Gonçalves, D. V., Gürlek, M., Karaouzas, I., E., Kebapçi, Ü, Şereflişan, H., Sobral, C., Sousa, R., Teixeira, A., Varandas, S., Zogaris, S., Manuel Lopes-Lima, M. (2016). Phylogeny, phylogeography, and evolution in the Mediterranean region: News from a freshwater mussel (Potomida, Unionida). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 100, 322-332.
  • Karaouzas I., Graf W., Kučinić M., Vučković, I. & Waringer, J. (2015). The larva of Rhyacophila balcanica Radovanovic 1953 (Trichoptera: Rhyacophilidae) with notes on ecology. Zootaxa, 4057(3), 444-450. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4057.3.10
  • Karaouzas I., Dimitriou E., Lampou A., Colombari E. (2015). Seasonal and spatial patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages and environmental conditions in Mediterranean Temporary Ponds of Greece. Limnology, 16:41-53. DOI: 10.1007/s10201-014-0437-0
  • Karaouzas, I., Zogaris, S., Lopes-Lima, M., Froufe, E., Varandas, S., Teixeira, A., & Sousa, R. (2015). First record of the freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii Lankester, 1880 in Greece suggests distinct European invasion events. Limnology, 16(3), 171-177. DOI: 10.1007/s10201-015-0452-9
  • Płóciennik Μ. & Karaouzas Ι. (2014). The Chironomidae (Diptera) fauna of Greece: Zoogeographical distributions and patterns, taxalist and new records. Annales de Limnologie – International Journal of Limnology 50: 19-34.
  • Karaouzas I., Andriopoulou, A., Gritzalis K. (2014). Contribution to the knowledge on the distribution of the rare great silver water beetle Hydrophilus piceus (L) (COLEOPTERA, HYDROPHILIDAE) in Greece. Polish Journal of Entomology 83(2), 99-107. DOI: 0.2478/pjen-2014-0007.
  • Karaouzas I. (2013). The larvae of the Aegean endemic caddisflies Hydropsyche debirasi Malicky 1974 and Hydropsyche kleobis Malicky 2001 (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) with notes on their ecology and zoogeography. Zootaxa 3636 (4): 472–477.
  • Karaouzas, I., Cotou, E., Albanis, T. A., Kamarianos, A., Skoulikidis, N. T. and Giannakou, U. (2011), Bioassays and biochemical biomarkers for assessing olive mill and citrus processing wastewater toxicity. Environmental Toxicology, 26: 669–676. doi: 10.1002/tox.20606
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  • Karaouzas I., Skoulikidis N., Giannakou U., Albanis T.A. (2011). Spatial and temporal effects of olive mill wastewaters to stream macroinvertebrates and aquatic ecosystems status. Water Research45, 6334-6346. DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2011.09.014
  • Karaouzas I., Lambropoulou D.A., Skoulikidis N., Albanis T.A. (2011). Levels, sources and spatiotemporal variation of nutrients and micropollutants in small streams of a Mediterranean River Basin. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 13: 3064-3074. DOI: 10.1039/C1EM10637F.
  • Karaouzas I., Dimitriou E., Skoulikidis N., Gritzalis K. & Colombari E. (2009). Linking hydrogeological and ecological tools for an integrated river catchment assessment. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 14: 677-689.
  • Karaouzas I., Gritzalis K.C. & Skoulikidis N.T. (2007). Land use effects on macroinvertebrate assemblages and stream quality along an agricultural river basin. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin16 (6): 645-653.
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