Actions for the conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds in Crete.
«Mediterranean Temporary Ponds” (MTP) is a priority habitat (Natura code: 3170*) in Annex I of the Directive 92/43/EEC. This substantially vulnerable and unstable habitat exists in low-extent areas that due to their specific characteristics are under significant human and natural pressures and have become prone to extinction. This project will focus on four (4) M.T.P. habitat sites in Crete Island which comprises approximately 20% of the total number of this habitat sites in Greece. The particular project sites have been selected due to their high ecological significance, their serious threats that demand immediate response and their geographical distribution that allow preservation of high proportion of the M.T.P. habitats in Greece by using rational financial means.

Immediate objective: Restoration of the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds habitat in Western Crete Island in a favourable status that existed prior to human interference in the area. Long term objective: The protection and preservation of this habitat by providing management solutions that can efficiently overcome the dominant habitat’s threats in a long-term basis.
The expected results after the completion of the project will include: (1) Re-establishment of the habitats natural hydroperiod, existing prior human interventions. (2) Re-establishment of the habitats’ original communities controlled grazing through management scheme and protective measures to avoid future overgrazing. (3) Restoration and preservation of ponds’ water quality in a favourable state. (4) Clean and protected from solid waste habitat areas (5) Participation of public in the habitat’s protection and preservation efforts. (6) Non-access areas establishment and controlled eco-tourist development.


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