Nicholas Koutsikos

Nicholas Koutsikos

Research Associate

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Short CV

  • BSc in Aquaculture & Fisheries Technology , Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki, (2001-2006)
  • MSc in Sustainable Development; specializing in environmental management, Harokopio University, Department of Home Economics and Ecology, Athens, (2006-2009)
  • PhD candidate in ichthyology, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Greece (2016-2020)

His main research interests fall within the topic of freshwater ecology and management, with special interest on distributional ecology of native and alien freshwater ichthyofauna, conservation and protection of freshwater and coastal ecosystems, fish habitat requirements and monitoring river habitats through hydromorphology.Currently, he is conducting his PhD thesis at the University of Aegean, investigating the distributional patterns, the introduction pathways and vectors, as well as the invasiveness status of non-indigenous freshwater fish species in Greek lotic ecosystems.

He has participated in 12 national and international projects.

He has contributed 13 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 1 book, as well as more than 25 other publications (i.e., conference proceedings, special publications, newspaper and magazines) and co-authored over 20 technical reports.

For more information and citations see or Scopus Author ID: 37081279200

Indicative Publications

  • Koutsikos N., Vardakas L., Perdikaris C., Kalantzi O.I., Zogaris S. and Economou A.N. (2019). Does rainbow trout justify its high rank among alien invasive species? Insights from a nationwide survey in Greece. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 1-15. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.3025
  • Koutsikos N., Zogaris S., Vardakas L., Kalantzi O.I., Dimitriou E. and Economou A.N. (2019). Tracking non-indigenous fishes in lotic ecosystems: Invasive patterns at different spatial scales in Greece. Science of the Total Environment 659: 384-400.
  • Koutsikos N., Vardakas L., Kalogianni E. and Economou A.N., (2017).Global distribution and climatic match of a highly traded ornamental freshwater fish, the sailfin molly Poecilia latipinna(Lesueur, 1821). Knowledge and management of aquatic ecosystems 419, 23.
  •  Koutsikos N., Economou A.N., Vardakas L., Kommatas D., Zogaris S. (2017). First confirmed record of an established population of sailfin molly, Poecilia latipinna (Actinopterygii: Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) in Europe. Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 43(3): 311-315.
  • Vardakas L., Kalogianni E., Economou A.N., Koutsikos N. and Skoulikidis Th.N. (2017). Mass mortalities and population recovery of an endemic fish assemblage in an intermittent river reach during drying and rewetting. Fundamental and Applied Limnology.
  • Piria M., Simonović P. Kalogianni E., Vardakas L., Koutsikos N., et al., (2017). A review of introductions of alien freshwater fish species in the Balkans – vectors and pathways of introduction. Fish and Fisheries 1-32.
  • Piria M. et al., (2017). Tackling invasive alien species in Europe II: threats and opportunities until 2020. Management of Biological Invasions 8(3): 273-286.
  • Economou A.N., Zogaris S., Vardakas L., Koutsikos N., Chatzinikolaou Y., Kommatas D., Kapakos Y., Giakoumi S., Economou E., Tachos V. (2016). Developing policy-relevant river fish monitoring in Greece: Insights from a nation-wide survey. Mediterranean Marine Science Journal 17(1): 302-322.
  • Perdikaris C., Koutsikos N., Vardakas L., Kommatas D., Simonović P., Paschos I., Detsis V., Vilizzi L. & Copp G.H. (2016). Risk screening of non native, translocated and traded aquarium freshwater fish in Greece using FISK.  Fisheries Management and Ecology 23: 32-43.
  • Barbieri R., Zogaris, S., Kalogianni, E., Stoumboudi, M.T., Chatzinikolaou, Y., S. Giakoumi, Y. Kapakos, Kommatas D., Koutsikos N., Tachos V., Vardakas L., Economou A.N. (2015). Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys of Greece: An annotated checklist. Monographs on Marine Sciences No. 8. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research: Athens, Greece. 130 p.
  • Vardakas L., Kalogianni E., Zogaris S., Koutsikos N., Vavalidis T., Koutsoubas D & Skoulikidis N.Th (2015). Distribution patterns of fish assemblages in an Eastern Mediterranean intermittent river. Knowledge and management of aquatic ecosystems, 416 30p.
  • Zenetos A, Arianoutsou, M., Bazos, I., Balopoulou, S., Corsini-Foka, M., Dimiza, M., Drakopoulou, P., Katsanevakis, S., Kondylatos, G., Koutsikos N., et al. (2015). ELNAIS: A collaborative network on Aquatic Alien Species in Hellas (Greece). Management of Biological Invasions 6 (2): 185-196.
  • Zogaris S., Maclaine J., Koutsikos N. and Chatzinikolaou Y. (2015). Does the River Blenny Salaria fluviatilis (Asso, 1801) still survive on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus? Journal of Natural History 49 (5-8): 347-357.
  • Koutsikos N., Zogaris S., Vardakas L., Tachos V., Kalogianni E., Šanda R., Chatzinikolaou Y., Giakoumi S., Economidis P.S. and Economou A.N. (2012). Recent distributional contributions to the freshwater ichthyofauna of Greece. The Mediterranean Marine Science Journal 13(2): 268-277.
  • Zogaris S., Chatzinikolaou Y., Koutsikos N., Economou A.N., Oikonomou E., Michaelides G., Hadjisterikotis E., Beaumont W.R.C., Ferreira M.T. (2012). Freshwater fish assemblages in Cyprus with emphasis on the effects of dams. Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria 42 (3): 165-175.
  • Vanhove M.P.M., Kovačić, M., Koutsikos N.E, Zogaris S., Vardakas L.E., Huyse T. and Economou A.N. (2011). First record of a landlocked population of marine Millerigobius macrocephalus (Gobiidae): observations from a unique spring-fed karstic lake (Lake Vouliagmeni, Greece) and phylogenetic positioning. Zoologischer Anzeiger 250: 195-204.
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