Nikolaos Skoulikidis

Nikolaos Skoulikidis

Research Director

Tel: +30-22910-76394
Fax: +30-22910-76419

Short CV

  • BSc in Geology, School of Geology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1977-1982)
  • PhD in the Department of Biogeochemistry, Institute of Geology & Palaeontology, University of Hamburg (1983-1989)

During 1986-87 he has held a position as a research associate, and during 1987-90 as a research collaborator in the Department of Biogeochemistry, Inst. of Geology & Palaeontology, University of Hamburg. During 1990-94, he was the head of the Department “Environmental Research & Technology” Technology Transfer Intratech Ltd. He has been working as a researcher at HCMR since 1994 and since 2008 as a research director. He has attended special training courses in “River Habitat Survey”, Scotland, June 1999 and in the “First Electrofishing Seminar in Greece”, June 2012. In 2010 he visited the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) for a month and collaborated on the ecology and assessment of temporary streams, the state and trend of European river deltas, and the development of research projects.

He was acting as the head of the Department “Environmental Research” of the Institute of Inland Waters (1998 – 2004). Since 2008, he is the head of the Research Direction “Integrated River Basin Management”, Institute of Inland Waters and later Department of Inland Waters, Institute of Marine Biological Resources & Inland Waters, and acts since 2012 as coordinator of this Department.

His research interests include ecological status assessments of aquatic ecosystems, land – water – atmosphere interactions, biogeochemical processes, functional ecosystem approaches, ecosystem conservation and integrated river basin management.

He is (was) a member of the committees: Greek Geological Society (EGE), Geotechnical Chamber (GEOTEE), Institute of Underwater Archaeology (IENAE), National Network of Environmental Education “The River”, European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR),, European Sediment Network (SedNet), EU WFD Working Groups “REFCOND” and “Intercalibration”, Greek Focal Point (HCMR) in the Expert Working Group Monitoring and Information Exchange for the Drin Core Group (alternate member), National Committee on a) Waters and b) WFD implementation, Special Secretariat for Waters, Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change and in several CIS Working Groups.

He participated in 61 national and international projects (in 22 as coordinator), participated in over 100 technical reports and authored over 40 ones.

He has contributed 3 monographs, 73 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 11 book chapters and one book, 165 conference presentations and 195 presentations in seminars etc.

He supervised 5 MSc and 5 PhD theses.

He has participated in the Steering Committee of 4 national or international Symposia/Congresses and organized/coordinated 7 Workshops. He serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Mediterranean Marine Science.

He received two awards: for LIFE “ENVIFRIENDLY”, one of the top five ‘Best of the Best’ LIFE Environment Projects in 2009 and the ECOCITY 2011 award for “Scientific Research”.

Other interests include: practical philosophy, photography, scuba diving (licence, Greek Federation of Underwater Activities, 1977), free diving (2nd level diploma for 20 m depth, 2009), travelling, canoeing, trekking and free camping.


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