The aim of the study is to assess the part of the Greek fleet which is consisted by vessels under 20hp.

Specifically, the scope was to investigate: a) the geographical distribution, b) characteristics of fishing gear and fisheries production, c) seasonality of fishing activities, d) social and economic parameters prudent to small scale fishing, and e) problems arising from conflicts with other fishing areas or other economic activities.

The study was conducted by the HCMR and “NIREUS consultants” and involved the cooperation of the Agricultural Bank, which provided financial data. The study gathered, evaluated and cross-checked data from various sources. In order to obtain more detailed information on the financial aspects of small-scale fisheries, ten fishing ports which are representative for regions with different productive characteristics and socio-economic conditions were selected, and in every port we selected a number of vessels, whose activities were monitored for a period of twelve months.The results of this study provide valuable information for this socially sensitive sector.