Fisheries management of lakes (natural and artificial) and rational exploitation of the aquatic resources in the prefectures Aetoloakarnania, Florina, Pella, Kilkis, Serres, Ioannina, Eurytania, Kozani, Kastoria, Thessaliniki, Rodopi, Karditsa, Boetia, Arkadia, Ilia, Achaia, Grevena, Thesprotia, Imathia and Arta.

This study was financed by the programme PESCA and was undertaken by a consortium of four research institutes on behalf of the Inland Water Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Agriculture (Greece). The overall objective was to collect and evaluate all available biological and ecological information on the lakes and rivers of Greece with a management perspective.

This report presents results for seven prefectures that were examined by the NCMR and includes information for about 30 aquatic systems (rivers and lakes). Information was obtained from technical reports and studies, scientific publications and through contacts with local services and fisheries cooperatives. The data collected from each aquatic system concern hydrology, geology, geomorphology, physicochemical parameters, water quality, biological parameters (aquatic vegetation, plankton, invertebrates, fish, birds, etc.), conservation status information (endangered species, protective measures under national and international treaties), fisheries-related information (fleets and fishermen, fishing practices, employment, production, trading, state of stocks, legislation, aquaculture) and human impacts on species and ecosystems (land use patterns, water abstraction, pollution, damming, technical works).

This is the first systematic effort undertaken by the Institute to collect and organize environmental, socio-economic and fisheries data of relevance to fisheries management and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. A next phase of the project is to evaluate the existing information and to propose fisheries management actions.

Final Report (part A)      Final Report (part B)