The ultimate aim of the project is to study the changes that occur in a watershed, under a holistic approach, by including in a unified research scheme the terrestrial and coastal / marine areas. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary and multilevel research methodologies will be developed and combined aimed at building a pilot system for integrated water management.

The main result of this research effort will be a decision support system for the management and restoration of the aquatic environment in which all individual, optimized environmental tools, models and indicators (biological, hydrological, water quality, socio-economic, etc.) will be combined to enable a holistic view of the aquatic environment. In this way a better understanding of the functioning and interaction of the various aquatic ecosystem factors can be achieved while an improved framework for ​​reliable analysis of the management scenarios impacts will be developed allowing optimal management and restoration practices.

Thus, the proposed project will create the necessary conditions for achieving the goal of a real integrated water management at the basin and coastal zone levels.

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