February 2014 update


24-28 March 2014
Estuarine and Marine Fish Identification & Monitoring Workshop
University of Newcastle, Dove marine Laboratory, Cullercoats Bay, UK
Website:           http://www.ifm.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=72

6-7 May 2014
Institute of Fisheries Management Lamprey Conference: An international conference on the biology, conservation and management of lamprey
York, England
Website:           http://www.ifm.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=70

July 2014 (Date to be confirmed)
Institute of Fisheries Management Fish tagging and Telemetry Workshop
York, England
Website:           To be announced

7-11 July 2014
Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles: Integrated perspective on fish stock enhancement
Hull, England
Website:           http://www.fsbi.org.uk/conference-2014/symposium-theme-2

7 July 2014
EIFAAC Workshop on Stock Enhancement (as part of the above)
Hull, England
Website:           http://www.fsbi.org.uk/conference-2014/symposium-theme-2

3-7 August 2014
ICBF2014: 11th International Congress on the Biology of Fish
Edinburgh, Scotland
Website:           http://www.icbf2014.sls.hw.ac.uk/

6-9 October 2014
Institute of Fisheries Management Annual Conference
Liverpool, England
Website:           To be announced


8-11 April 2014
European (formerly Nordic) Workshop of PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellows on anadromous salmonids (NoWPaS)
Värmland, Sweden
Website:           http://www.nowpas.eu/events.htm

9-11 April 2014
Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014
Naples, Italy
Website:           http://www.offshoremariculture.com

25-30 May 2014
10th International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish
Olhao, Portugal
Website:           http://ccmar.ualg.pt/10isrpf

1-5 September 2014
World lake Conference
Perugia, Italy
Website:           http://www.wlc15perugia.com/index.php/homepage

8-11 September 2014
Ecology of Fish in Lakes and Reservoirs (ECOFIL 2014)
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
Website:           http://www.ecofil2014.wz.cz

21-26 September 2014
IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition
Lisbon, Portugal
Website:           http://www.iwa2014lisbon.org

25-27 September 2014
FABA 2014: International Symposium on Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Trabzon, Turkey
Website:           http://www.faba.gov.tr/

25-27 September 2014
Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition & Awards
Kópavogur, Iceland
Website:           http://www.icefish.is/

14-17 October 2014
Aquaculture Europe 2014 – Adding value
Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
Website:           http://www.easonline.org

20-24 October 2014
5th International Otolith Symposium
Mallorca, Spain
Website:           http://www.ices.dk/news-and-events/symposia/otolith/Pages/default.aspx

13-15 November 2014
HydroMedit 2014: 1st International Congress on Applied Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment
Volos, Greece
Websites:         http://hydromedit2014.apae.uth.gr

15-19 June 2015
EIFAAC Symposium and Session
Website:           http://www.fao.org/fishery/rfb/eifaac/en

23-25 June 2015
Fish Passage 2015 – Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage
Groningen, The Netherlands
Website:           TBA
Contact:            herman@wanningenwaterconsult.nl

12-17 July 2015
39th Annual Larval Fish Conference
Vienna, Austria
Website:           http://www.larvalfishcon.org/



25-27 March 2014
International Conference on Invasive Alien Species Management
Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal
Website:           http://www.ntnc.org.np/iciasm

7-11 April 2014
Western Division of American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting
Mazatlán, Mexico
Website:           http://wdmeeting2014.wordpress.com/

13-15 May 2014
The Asian Aquaculture Insurance and Risk management Conference
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Website:           http://www.aairmc.com/

 24 May 2014
World Fish Migration Day
Worldwide events
Website:           http://www.worldfishmigrationday.com/home
Contact:            herman@wanningenwaterconsult.nl

7-11 June 2014
World aquaculture
Adelaide, Australia
Website:           https://www.was.org/meetings/default.aspx?code=WA2014

9-11 June 2014
Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Website:           http://fishpassage.umass.edu

28-29 July 2014
International Conference on Fisheries Sciences
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Website:           http://www.marinfish.org/

17-21 August 2014
American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting
Québec City, Canada
Website:           http://afs2014.org

17-21 August 2014 (in conjunction with AFS above)
38th Annual Larval Fish Conference
Québec City, Canada
Website:           http://www.larvalfishcon.org/

17-21 August 2014 (in conjunction with AFS above)
International Eel Symposium 2014: Are eels climbing back up the slippery slope
Québec City, Canada
Website:           http://afs2014.org
Contact:            martin.castonquay@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

25-30 August 2014
12th International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes
Listvyanka, Russia (LakeBaikal)
Website:           http://www.lin.irk.ru/symcore2014

1-4 September 2014
7th World Recreational Fishing Conference
Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Website:           http://www.7wrfc.com/

12-19 November 2014
IUCN World Parks Congress
Sydney, Australia
Website:           http://worldparkscongress.org/

12-17 April 2015
7th World Water Forum
Daegu Gyeongbuk, Korea
Website:           http://www.worldwaterforum7.org/en/

7-10 October 2015
Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference
Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania
Website:           http://stiinte.ulbsibiu.ro/aquatic_biodiversity_conference/

7-11 November 2016 (proposed dates)
7th World Fisheries Congress
Busan, Korea
Website:           To be announced